Monday, January 8, 2018

My Decluttering and Storage Tips

New Year = Take Control. 

1. Dump everything. 
    If you own a lot of stuff (like I do), sometimes you don't even know what's in there. Dump everything out in your drawers and closet and then start sorting. Do you need it?
My Mountain of Clothes!

2. Get the right size storage. 
    Over the years I have learned that the bigger the storage does not mean the better. It can end up taking up too much space than intended.
This box needs to be filled more!

3. Get rid of anything that adds bulk. 
    Sometimes the packaging is really pretty but in reality, it takes up a lot of space. Unless you absolutely need it, it's best to get rid of the packaging.
Packaging can take up a lot more space than intended.

4. Pouches are more useful than just for makeup.  
    I find that separating small things into pouches are really useful to find things. Instead of dumping everything into one box or draw, use pouches, storage bags, or containers to sort things out. Storage within a storage!
Pouches are great storage solutions

5. Are these the memories you want to keep or can they be stored digitally? 
    It's hard to let go sometimes especially if it has a lot of sentimental value. Don't purge them just yet.  Keep them and if you're ready to let go, take a photo of it and store them digitally. You can always make a photo book out of the pictures of those special items. 
6.  Try it out. 
     I often find stuff that are broken or it doesn't fit anymore but I somehow still hold on to it. Once you get things sorted, try to see if it still works and if fits in your lifestyle now. If not, it's time to let go. 

7. Get a system going. 
    Sometimes going a bit further into sorting is a good idea.  Sort them by color or size can really help you if you need to find it. Just remember to put things back!

8. Can I re-purpose this?
   Sometimes you don't have to let something go. You can always upcycle into something you want or need. That pretty dress that don't fit? Oh hi new cushion! 

Upcycle something you loved into something else you love

9. Build up. 
    If you live in a small space, building up is the key. Vertical storage is your best friend.
A Shoe Tree can fit more shoes than a shoe rack.

10. If you can't see it, you don't reach for it. 
     If you get too much clutter, you can't see what you have. Sort and pack things away if you're not using it but don't pack it so much that you can't find it.   

Final Thoughts: I'm not a fan of articles that state if you don't use an item within a certain number of months, you must toss it. First, find another way to use it. If you can't but still want to keep it, keep it. After a year, reassess again. Then you'll know if you truly need it or not.

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