Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Old Jeans to New Denim Skirt

Old Pair of Levi's

These are my really old pair of super low Levis (back when this was a trend). I barely wear them anymore because well, they just sit too low. So I decided to turn them into a skirt and sit higher at the waist.
Here we go:   

First, I cut off the jeans above the knee and seam ripped the whole thing around the crotch area and up a bit too. I did it to the back as well. 

Fold over the crotch flap (?!) towards the left and sew a straight stitch.  

The back is the same.  Fold over the butt flap (?!) and sew it. Trim excess if necessary. 

 Grab the pant legs and cut a straight line.

Place a pant leg into the gap and sew two straight line with match thread to match to the jeans.  Do it to the back as well with the other pant leg.

Cut excess and shape it with a semi circle.


I really liked how it turned out after washing it. It sits at my waist right now. Considering skirts like these sell around this price range, I think I saved a bit of money!