Monday, June 5, 2017

Underwire from Underwire Bras to an Useful Wall Art

Sunglasses holder - My Quay Sunglasses collection!

 If you're a female and find yourself going to throw out old bras or just hate underwire ones, here's how you can take the underwire out and make it into something useful.
Taking out the underwire from bras
 To remove the underwire, use a pair of small sharp scissors. I used a small fabric one. Make a little snip at either ends at an angle. Try to push the underwire out. If it doesn't come out, dig the hole you made a little deeper. You should not pierce through the actual bra.

 Once you've done that, I've hotglued the two together.

And got a few more to create this!

Wrap a lot of yarn around it to cover the whole piece.

 Added some color and created this wall art! And people will never suspect they're made from the underwire from bras. 😝

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