Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Old Jeans to New Denim Skirt

Old Pair of Levi's

These are my really old pair of super low Levis (back when this was a trend). I barely wear them anymore because well, they just sit too low. So I decided to turn them into a skirt and sit higher at the waist.
Here we go:   

First, I cut off the jeans above the knee and seam ripped the whole thing around the crotch area and up a bit too. I did it to the back as well. 

Fold over the crotch flap (?!) towards the left and sew a straight stitch.  

The back is the same.  Fold over the butt flap (?!) and sew it. Trim excess if necessary. 

 Grab the pant legs and cut a straight line.

Place a pant leg into the gap and sew two straight line with match thread to match to the jeans.  Do it to the back as well with the other pant leg.

Cut excess and shape it with a semi circle.


I really liked how it turned out after washing it. It sits at my waist right now. Considering skirts like these sell around this price range, I think I saved a bit of money!

Friday, July 7, 2017

DIY Shoe Clips Using Wires

So I finally figured a way to make your own clips rather than buying them!

All you need is wire! Twist ties can work, but craft wires are the best. Bend the wire into a half loop and shape the wire back around your finger like this:
wire clips

Design with the clips

Add and glue your designs and there you go! Now you can dress up your flats and heels and even fake a T-strap!

Tip: When you're clipping the clip to your shoe, follow the curvature of the shoe.

same design, different shoes

See the full tutorial here:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Underwire from Underwire Bras to an Useful Wall Art

Sunglasses holder - My Quay Sunglasses collection!

 If you're a female and find yourself going to throw out old bras or just hate underwire ones, here's how you can take the underwire out and make it into something useful.
Taking out the underwire from bras
 To remove the underwire, use a pair of small sharp scissors. I used a small fabric one. Make a little snip at either ends at an angle. Try to push the underwire out. If it doesn't come out, dig the hole you made a little deeper. You should not pierce through the actual bra.

 Once you've done that, I've hotglued the two together.

And got a few more to create this!

Wrap a lot of yarn around it to cover the whole piece.

 Added some color and created this wall art! And people will never suspect they're made from the underwire from bras. 😝

Monday, May 22, 2017

Shirt Dress to Sleeveless Dress

 I've been on the hunt for a cute pinafore-like black dress with pockets but I think I'm looking during the wrong season!

I found this shapeless long shirt dress I got awhile back and never worn it.

long shirt dress

So I did a bit of transformation:

Then it becomes this:



What do you think?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Old dress, new life as a pillow

So I bought this really cute dress online. I was in love with the print, but after two wears, there was a hole in the arm area. I love this print so much that I couldn't throw it away.

oasap dress
The shift dress

Cutting and Sewing Beginnings

Add the Fiberfill inside
uncycled pillow
Final product! The new pillow!
Overall, I'm pretty happy with this project. Super easy and quick to do. Note to self, stay away from sketchy Chinese clothing companies...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Iceland Experience

Iceland has increasing become a popular tourist destination over the past couple of years. Seems like the secret is out! However, it's a really expensive country, but I was able to do it within a budget!

Airline: This was the first time I flew Wow Air, the budget airline. Good thing I did some research after reading the horror stories on Yelp. It made me scared that they were going to charge me exuberant amount of fees. 

Wow Air Airlines

Wow Air is super strict with their luggage allowance (that's how they make their money). Make sure you read their guidelines! As of Feb 2017, they only allow 42x32x25cm/ 17x13x10in (10kg/22 lbs) for your included carry-on.  Don't go over or else you have to pay extra fees at the gate. If you know you're going to bring more or bigger luggage, do it online. It will save you some time and headache. If you go over just a bit, they will definitely charge you.

Tip: Get a duty free bag at the airport and shove your heaviest items in your bag.

How I Pack: My carry on is just about 16in in length and if I bought another luggage that was 17in, I would definitely be in trouble.
Everything fits in that bag!
I hand-washed some of my clothes so I didn't need a bigger bag.

Tip: Bring a filtered water bottle like Bobble so you can don't need to buy bottle water. Cold water is pretty pure and their water is soft. Don't drink the warm/hot water. It's sulfury.

For the power converter, use the European one. 

If you are planning on just bringing a small carry-on to combat high airline fees, I recommend you get a packable tote bag or packable backpack to carry your items especially shopping for groceries.

Blue Lagoon: First of all, the bus transfer from Keflavik Airport to the Blue Lagoon (admission ticket included) and then to Reykjavik cost me about $100. It's definitely over-hyped and not really worth it in my opinion.

I got there at 8 AM and it was super windy and down pouring. I was already soaked going in. They open in all kinds of conditions! The winds continued to get stronger, reaching the speeds of 54 mph during my time there. Apparently schools in the area were closing because of the wind! When it's rainy and windy like that, you definitely taste the unpleasant salty water when the waves come crashing into you. It certainly wasn't the peaceful, tranquil water I imagined!

Tip: Bring your own towel and slippers to save a bit more on the add-ons.

Tip: If you want to get the hot springs experience and not pay the price, there are indoor and outdoor pools and other hot springs that costs significantly less all over Iceland.

Golden Circle Tour: I did the What's On afternoon tour which included Thingvellir National Park,
Geysir, Gullfoss, Faxi waterfall, and a surprise visit!

- Thingvellir National Park: A lovely stroll of the national park
View from the top

 Side note: If you're going to here, I suggest to skip this bathroom and go to the bathroom of the next destination because it costs 200kr to go in!

- Geysir: Where everyone waits to see the geysir erupts and quickly take photos of it.
Geysir erupting!
- Gullfoss: The large "golden" waterfall

 Faxi: a smaller waterfall

Bonus: Our tour guide went to a farm to greet some Icelandic horses!

Icelandic Horses with their winter mane
Northern Lights: Unfortunately, I didn't get to see any during my time there mainly due not having clear skies. It was raining almost every day. If it's not raining, the clouds were covering up the skies. Keep that in mind. Make sure you book your northern light tours early so you can get to see them and rebook again if you can't (weather permitting)!

Northern Lights Film from Aurora Reyjavik Exhibition
My alternative was going to the Northern Lights Exhibit where you can learn about northern lights all over the world and learn the science behind this phenomenon.  A little lame, but hey, making the best out of the situation!

Food:  Food is expensive here. There is no away around it. If you can pack some food from home, do it! The best way to save money is to cook so staying at a place with a kitchen is going to help your budget.
Bonus, one of the cheaper supermarkets.
Cheese and eggs here are really expensive. Avoid those if you can. Get a Skyr, their thick yogurt.

Idea of the cost of food at some restaurants

Fast Food at the Kringlan Mall: A fish burger meal is the same price as the cheeseburger meal

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream: about $12.70

Not Pictured: Icelandic Hot Dogs!

Iceland take their hot dogs very seriously. They're a classic staple made with lamb, beef, and pork. Probably one of the cheapest food you can get here (470kr). Get one with everything on top!

Despite the high cost, the rain and the wind, Iceland is a pretty magical place. I only wished I could stayed a bit longer to see a lot more of the country!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 reflections; 2017 forward looking

Goodbye 2016. It has been terrible in terms of despairing world events, beloved celebrity deaths, and the increase of hatred in the world. However, personally, I feel I have made a small step in to accomplishing something that could be big. In 2015, I start this blog. Although I didn't write much in it (hopefully might change this year!), I started chipping at this goal: showcase my talents.  2016 was the mark of actually creating a youtube channel that I dreamed about for a few years now. I was too scared to put myself out there. I finally feel more comfortable in my own creative voice. Even though I don't post a lot, I want to make sure I am putting out high quality material! Hopefully in 2017, I'm gonna produce more video!

The biggest lesson I've learned in 2016 was one door closes, another one opens. So many times I get upset because I feel like there's a big opportunity coming my way, but it all falls a bit short in the end. Then I get sad about it. That is something I need to change. Just because I didn't get it, doesn't mean something awesome might not happen in my future. It's just a challenging road block, but I'll get through it. All this time I feel like the universe is against me, but I forget that I am fortunate in so many other ways. I need to remind myself that. Where there is light, there is also darkness.  2017 is where I'm going to practice this concept. Make the most of what you have. And it's ok if you keep failing. Keep chipping at it!

What I want to achieve in 2017: I want to add more blog posts about random topics possibly!
I want to expand it into fashion instead of just crafts and focus what it's important to me: using all the stuff you own and sharing my knowledge with the world. I need to stop doubting myself as well. So much fear comes from doubting myself. I am sold that I have a voice and I want to share it with the world. <3

Cheers to a new year, and hopefully an improved me!