Friday, October 14, 2016

DIY Crossbody Slide Camera Strap

What's the point of a crossbody camera strap? Traditional camera straps around the neck can put a lot of stress on the neck. A crossbody one takes the stress off! If you need to carry around your camera all day, then this could be a great alternative. I generally use this strap when I shoot events when I need to have two cameras with me. 


It literally took a minute to set it up.

If you need to see how it's done, check out my tutorial here.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

DIY Bench

DIY Bench

Confession: I've been watching a lot of Flea Market Flip lately. So I was compelled to make a bench after years of wanting one.

I found an easy tutorial from Basic Build for a footstool and I modified it for a bench. However, the suggested cost of that project was $35. It definitely cost a lot more and I have no idea when that post was created.

Here's the breakdown:
batting: $9.99 (45x60) - 50% off coupon = $4.99
fabric: (11.99/yd x2) - 25% off coupon = $17.98
3" high density foam: (49.99/yd x 1.139 yd) - 50% coupon = $28.47
legs: $4.98x 4 = $19.92
ply wood: salvaged from an old desk
(optional) spray paint: 2 cans (primer + gold) - 11.56 50% off coupon - $5.78

My total: $77.14 without taxes 

Their list of materials with the current cost:
batting: $4/yd (on sale)
fabric:  random number: $5/yd
4" thick foam: $9.99 x 2 (2") = $20
legs: $2.98x4 = $11.92
leg plates plates: $1.98x4 = $7.92
ply wood: ???

Total: $48.84 without taxes

Even without buying plywood, the cost for the project itself is more expensive than what they suggested. All the materials I got were from Lowes, Jo-Ann, and AC Moore.  I wonder if I got materials from other stores, would it be cheaper?

Note: I omitted the leg plates and opted for wood glue instead when attaching the legs. 

Overall, I'm really happy the way it turned out! I also conquered my fear of certain power tools!