Thursday, March 24, 2016

One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

© Pearl Lung
Canary Wharf
I finally took my life long dream of going to England and Wales. After months and months of planning, slowly everything fell apart, starting out with my friend who last minute changed her mind and decided not to go. “Alright, it’s my life long dream to do this, I cannot go. I have to make the best out of this situation.” That’s the mentality I brought with me to England.

Instead, the moment I stepped out of the plane, things went awry. I got ripped off, got terribly lost in London, and my online friend I was going to meet IRL became this whole drama and ended up losing a friend. Things could not get worse. However, the moment I ended the drama with my online friend and stopped waiting, I felt much happier as a person. No longer do I have to wait to see if he can fit me into his schedule. I felt free.
© Pearl Lung
View from the Sky Garden

I was supposed to go see a show with my online friend, but since he’s no longer in the picture, I need to start having my own adventure by myself. Then delightful things started to happened. I made a new friend along the way to my destination. I grieved over the death of a friendship, but once that door closed, another one opens. It’s funny how the polarity of life works. After all the crappy things that happened to me, life redirects you into another different and possibly better experience. I could never imagine I would lose a friend like this, but I never imagine I made a new friend either.

The same thing happened when my new friend last minute reschedule, freeing up my last night in London. I could either stay in or do something epic. I chose to do something epic. I ended up seeing a few local bands and befriending with one of them. If I chose to stay in, my outlook in life would be different. I could always wait for opportunities to come at my door or I can make my own opportunities.
© Pearl Lung
Moth Club, Hackney

At this moment, the era of waiting for things to happen is coming to a close. Cheers to a new start of not waiting, but creating. Make things happen, girl.