Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hundreds of Ideas Floating in my head

I have too many thoughts and projects in my head. I don’t know where to start. Sometimes I want to start. Sometimes I abandon them and don’t want to finish. I need a better system to gather my thoughts and feelings into something more concrete.

Maybe the new year I will actually make all my projects in my head into a reality. #goals

Monday, July 20, 2015

"Friends" vs "Followers"

13 New Followers... Huh?

Suddenly, new followers started to pop up every hour. Then it hit me: I accidentally linked my Instagram to my Facebook account while trying to link it to my artist’s page.

I never really wanted my Facebook friends to see my Instagram account, just my friends who would ask. My grand Instagram plan was to share things that I find interesting in the world and see how many random followers will I actually get! I can post whatever I want and no judgement from my friends would be made. No familiar eyes would be watching.

Now it's foiled. One of my friends asked, "Why don't you want any of your friends to know you have one?" I feel guilty not following them back, but I didn't want my Instagram feed to be basically the same as Facebook. However, I am actually surprised that people I haven’t talked to in years followed me. Yet, things I post on Facebook never reached anyone, resulting in a very low Klout score. I always feel like I'm fighting to speak, but I keep missing my chances.

My artist's page on Facebook, on the other hand, is where I want my really good friends to like the page. Oddly, some of my friends never even looked at it. I wonder if it was too much of a hassle or they just don't care. Probably they don't care. Now I'm just going to have to find an audience who kind of cares.

Monday, July 6, 2015

DIY Small Inexpensive Sandbags

 Sandbags are great for weighing down light stands so they don't tip over. Here's my version for small person shoots.

Material Cost: $0 - $15
Tip: Not all sand and cat litter are created equal! The heavier, the better!

Place one sand bag to one side, fold, and sew. Then place another one and seal the top.

Optional: Tape down the edges.

Disclaimer: I probably wouldn't use these on really high end professional shoots since they don't weigh as heavy as the ones you buy from a store. I also haven't tested the wear and tear on these either. However, they're good for small personal shoots.

Optional: Sew straps on.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello Obscurity

Here’s to my first blog post that for many years I wanted to start but too scared to. I thought about making this blog, but thinking about it is very different than doing it. Everyone wants to be validated, find a voice, and be discovered including myself. How do you start something without having that much credibility and such? You just need a bit of luck, chance, and opportunity. So here’s to me creating something hopefully worth sharing. Thanks for reading this.

Enjoying my obscurity.